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sanfrancisco.ixpat.com soccer challenge game

join the pool and predict your game results! participation is free and solely about gameplay, fun and highscores. prediction skills and - just like in soccer itself - a dose of luck comes in handy though.

you can place your forecast until start of the respective game. the list of games will be updated daily. forecasts can be placed with three options, team a wins, draw or team b wins. in addition you can place a goal forecast with 1,2,3,4 and + (5 and more) goals.

results are counted after 90 minutes plus possible extension time. overtime-penalties are not being assessed.

scores: your score: in case of a correctly predicted victorious team or correctly forecasted draw you will be awarded 3 points. each correct goal-forecast earns you 1 bonus point on top. so in total you can score 5 points max per game.

if two players have the same score, the number of full hits determines the position. in case full hits are also the same, position will depend on the earlier community profile registration date.


for fair play reasons, a protection bar will cover the predictions of other players until a game starts. this prevents copying of other predictions.

questions/suggestions welcome at our contact form.

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